Hair Shaping

Hair Cuts - including Professional Consultation, Shampoo, Condition, and Blow-Dry

Men and Women

$30 to $65

Children 13 and younger

$16 to $28

See prices below as additional charges may apply.

 Creative Styling

Curl and Style

(with irons or rollers)

$30 to $50

Up Do's

$65 and Up


$20 and Up

French Braid

$25 to $50

Blow Dry Style

$30 to $40

 Hair Coloring

“New Growth”

(semi permanent or permanent)

$55 to $100

Highlights or Lowlights

$100 and Up

Partial Head Highlights

$75 and Up

Virgin Tint

$65 and Up

Clear Gloss

$30 and Up


(with Toner or Exotic Colors - $100 and Up)

$80 and Up

Exotic Colours

(without de-colorization)

$60 and Up

Multi Dimensional Color

(Highlights with color between foils.)

$100 and Up

Corrective Color

$130 and Up

Price based on time, extent of correction and amount of product used. Any initial consultation price quoted for Corrective Color may increase due to difficulties unforeseen prior to starting the service. We apologize, however exact prices are sometimes impossible to determine prior to starting.

 Hair Extensions

Consultation Required

½ head

$300 and Up

¾ head

$450 and Up

Whole head

$600 and Up


(for highlights or lowlights)

$65 per Hour

Prices DO NOT include hair. Based on $65 minimum. Fill-Ins for any extension service $65 per hour. A FREE consultation appointment must be made to determine cost and technique used, a deposit may be required.

 Feather Extensions

No Pre-Consultation Required. Please arrive with clean hair. A charge for shampooing and drying may apply for “Dirty” hair.


We ‘install’ feathers using Keratin Protein Bonding Agent - not clips or rings. For this reason feathers should be ‘installed’ on clean hair!


From $2 to $15 each

Based on length, rarity, availability, etc. Chose one or more feather(s) from the ones we have available. We normally have several hundred feathers ‘in stock’ to choose from. Long, short, colored, striped, thin, thick - hackle & saddle feathers.


$5 for each feather

In addition to the price of feather(s) individually chosen. If you have your own feathers that you would like us to ‘install’ there is a MINIMUM $20 fee. That covers one, two, three, or four feathers. Additional feathers, of your own - or ours are ‘installed’ for $5 for each feather.
Our feathers have been acquired on the open market. To the best of our knowledge they have been obtained ‘humanely’.
All of our feathers have been professionally cleaned, steamed, and sanitized.
Feathers can be treated like your own hair BUT BE GENTLER! They may be blown dry, curled, flat ironed, or otherwise styled as you would your own hair. You can expect your feather extension to last from SEVERAL days to SEVERAL weeks - depending on how well - YOU TAKE CARE OF THEM!
We will re-apply feather(s) only once within the first 10 days for free.

 21st Century Perms

We specialize in “Modern” (21st Century) as well as ‘Classic’ Permanent Waving & Curling. From Soft Waves with Movement to Traditional Curls.

Full Head Perm

$75 and Up

Partial Head Perm

$50 and Up

Root Perm

$70 and Up

Spiral Perm

$125 and Up

Please see below for “and Up” pricing.


Consultation Required

Single Dreadlock


Whole Head

$175 and Up

Based on $65 and hour, plus hair - if required. Please see below for “and Up” pricing.

 Radical Anticurl

Remove Old Perm (anticurl)

$60 and Up

Soften Naturally Curly Hair

$60 and Up

(anticurl - Caucasian, Asian and Hispanic hair)

Partial Head Anticurl

$40 and Up

Chemical Relaxers

$90 and Up

(Sodium Hydroxide)

Thermal Str8®

$250 and Up

A FREE consultation appointment must be made to determine cost and technique used.
A deposit may be required. Please see below for “and Up” pricing.


Lash Dye


Brow Dye


We use non-oxidative dye (NOT tint). The F.D.A. does not allow use of tints on eyebrows or lashes as doing so may cause permanent damage and blindness. We understand ‘other’ salons may use the same tint applied to your head on your eyebrows. However, it is illegal, dangerous and unethical to use such oxidative tints around the eyes. Thank you for not asking our stylists to break the law.

Eye Lash Additions

(set) (temporary)


Individual Lash Additions


$35 and Up

 Conditioning Treatment

Deep Conditioning Treatment


Protein Treatment


Malibu® Treatment

(removes chlorine buildup)


Prices do not include Blow Dry Style etc. when done as a separate service.


Weddings and Special Occasions

$70 to $95

Theatrical - Special Effects

$85 per hour

(including “Halloween” type, film, tattoo cover, etc. Not including appliances or prostheses used)

 Skin Care

Mini Facial

Cleanse, mask, moisturizer. 30 minutes.


Euro Facial

Customized for any skin type. 45 minutes.


Includes: cleansing, exfoliation, relaxing massage, mask and moisturizing.

Back Treatment

A “facial” for your back! 45 minutes.


Includes: cleansing, exfoliation, relaxing massage, mask and moisturizing.
Add $15 to above prices for each of the following treatments:
Galvanic Current, High Frequency & Facial Contour Mask.
These treatments hydrate, restore and stimulate the epidermis at a deeper cellular level as well as help to clear acne and problem prone skin.


Eyebrow Arching

$17 to $20








$55 and Up


$85 and Up

Legs (full)

$75 and Up

Legs (below knee only)

$55 and Up

Under Arms



$40 and Up


$60 and Up

 Nail Services

Manicure (add $5 for French)


Conditioning Manicure (Parafin)


Polish Change


Full Set “Gels”


“Gel” Overlay


“Gel” Fills


Individual “Gel” Tip


Individual “Gel” Repair


Buff and Polish (mini manicure for “Gels”)


Pedicure (includes polish)


Toe Polish Change (add $5 for French)


Conditioning Pedicure



Parafin Treatments







 Private Service Room

We have a “Private (two chair) Service Room” available for individuals wanting privacy and discreet services away from other guests. Our “Private Service Room” is used for; bands, actors, “stars” and guests who have ‘issues’ being around other people. It is also used for women (or men) who cannot (or do not want to) expose their hair in public. This is a complete salon room with shampoo bowl, color mixing dispensary & two styling chairs – all completely separate from the entire salon – with a ‘discreet’ entrance (if required).

Along with its' privacy, our team will not discuss who has used it, who is using it or what service(s) were performed. Furthermore, no pictures will be allowed. Truly, this “Private Service Room” is unique – to London Calling Ltd.®!

 Out Call Services

“Out Call” Services are primarily for ‘Photo’ – ‘Video’ – ‘Movie’ – ‘Commercial’ services and “On Location”

All salon services are provided for “special” events outside of the salon. These services are Pre-billed and paid at the rate of $85 per hour with a three hour minimum ($255) per stylist.

There is a No Refund policy for the Pre-paid minimum. Mileage over 10 miles from the salon is billed at 45¢ (45 cents, $0.45) per mile, round trip. Charges over the pre-paid minimum are due at completion.

The amount of time required for the out call service can be estimated. Exact quotes may be impossible due to a myriad of variables unrelated to our team's creativity and professionalism.