Noelle Koral

The first team member of London Calling Salon hired in 1986. Noelle has assisted in and worked on most of the "original" HAIR BALL™ shows in many capacities. From hair and make–up to "skit" choreography and costume seamstress. Noelle has been an important part of the success of London Calling Salon by being a consistently creative artist in and out of the salon. Noelle has an impeccable ability to spot a trend. That's a fashion sense you can take advantage of. Professional as well as reliable are several of her strengths. Her calm style of hairdressing gives you confidence and is relaxing. Twenty years in a successful salon speaks for itself.

 Andrea Cunningham

Andrea has been a hairdresser for over 20 years and was one of the "original" London Calling Salon hairdressers — forging into the new "cutting edge" salon in 1991. As a professional, conscientious, perfectionist type individual her strengths are in her communication skills as well as color and cutting. Andrea has three boys and finds her job as fun and a way to express her creative energy. She has also assisted in and worked on many of the first original HAIR BALL™ shows.

 Shari Davignon

Shari is also a member of the "original" team that worked together to develop London Calling Salon into an "alternative" trendy east side salon. She has also assisted in and worked on many of the "original" HAIR BALL™ shows
Alternative punk styles, corrective coloring, razor cutting etc. and combined with excellent communication skills are her forte with all guests. A desire to learn and bring the lessons back to her guest's advantage is an ongoing practice. Highly motivated and skilled at her art, Shari has been a true professional cosmetologist for over 18 years. Shari is one of our make–up artists and specializes in Halloween and special effects make–up.

 Jessica Flynn

Extensions, creative color, creative styling, and oh, so much more. In the salon you will always find her in the midst of the conversation about the future London Calling™ show or other events such as the Real Big Tease® show that London Calling Ltd. also produces. Find her as your inspiration to change! Jessica also sponsored and trained our first Apprentice – Keri. She has also assisted in and worked on the original HAIR BALL™ shows – in back stage production which consists of well over 250 models, along with our own hair, make–up and "skit" concepts for the HAIR BALL™.

 (Niki) Nicholle Ricer

Nicholle (Niki) is one of the designers that others have come to depend on with regards to up–do and styling advice. Her fashion eye and technical abilities are completely evident. An exceptional designer, she is also a past educator for Alterna as well as Pureology Hair Care and a provider of the Thermal Straightening service. Niki is has impeccable taste and skill in styling for weddings and other formal occasions. Niki is a very valuable asset to the HAIR BALL® show with big hair styling!

 Kendall Satterfield

Having done hair at home for all her friends since childhood, Kendall decided that a Cosmetology career was what she wanted to do. After graduating from Cosmetology school, she was hired as a receptionist. She went through our training program and in an extremely short time has become a highly referred stylist. Because of her skills at hair color, cutting, up-do's & styling, Kendall is what you would call a “natural hairdresser”.

 Traci Thibodaux

Traci worked as a Stylist for several years here before leaving to manage a ‘family’ restaurant in Detroit. She returned because hairdressing is her passion! Traci is an artist, finding her canvass on her guests’ hair. She spent a considerable amount of time re-tuning her skills for this ever-changing industry. Traci is well versed in haircolor & cuts as well as waxing. Traci’s brother Don is the artist who created the steel stations throughout the salon and her father was an internationally known steel artist.


After she graduating from Cosmetology school Madison receptioned and trained at our salon. She has always wanted to be a hairdresser while growing up and became a London Calling Salon stylist because this is where she felt most comfortable - in a ‘fashion forward’, well established salon that has loyal guests, employees & team members! Madison is extremely patient, listens and is skilled at her art. She will make suggestions and will follow through with an agreed upon result.


Colleen spent a year as a receptionist while attending Cometology school. After graduating and becoming a Licensed Cosmetologist spent several months of further training at London Calling with the Master Cosmetologist to hone her skills! Although Colleen is not overly assertive, she is confident & certain in her approach with the techniques used for ‘modern’ hairdressing and is exceptionally well suited for her chosen career. Colleen perceives color as an artist and then brings her exceptional skills to every guest. Haircuts, Hair Color, and hair styling are her strong talents. She has built a regular guest base by always ‘getting it right’ for every guest she sees!


Fairly new to the Cosmetology Profession does not mean being untalented etc. Far from it! Mary recaptioned at London Calling while attending Cosmetology school and trained immediately after becoming Licensed. Mary, in a very short period of time has proved her skills over & over with her capabilities in Corrective Color – Balayage – Formal Updo & styling – Women & Mens' cuts as well as a plethora of other detailed work within her craft. Mary has been very successful in building her guest base by being exceptionally proficient. She is a very talented hairdresser and will be very easily one of the most sought out hairdressers at London Calling Salon very shortly.


A “seasoned” stylist is how Keith may introduce himself when asked about ‘how many years’ he has done hair for? Keith is an old school hairdresser that can easily recall doing hair in a salon where no men ever entered and dryer chairs were a necessary fixture. With many years of experience Keith knows how to do permanents exceptionally well – old school (70's, 80's & 90's) haircuts & styles that most young stylists don't have a clue on how to start – as well as – modern cuts & color. You know – “old is new again” in the fashion industry and that goes for hair styles as well.



Several of our Cosmetologists do facial waxing, Bikini, Brazilian, underarms and all ‘other’ waxing services as well as facial treatments. You can be confident that the Cosmetologist performing the service(s) you booked are Professionally trained and very good at their craft!


Brazilians & Bikini waxing is made very comfortable with Sierra’s personality, Professionalism and caring nature.
A “natural” – Sierra wanted to do make–up her entire life! She was hired at London Calling Salon as a receptionist and after learning that she would have to be a Licensed Esthetician to also do make–up on our guests she decided to go to Cosmetology school and get Licensed. While in school, she discovered that she also loved doing facials and waxing services. Sierra excels in eyebrow, Bikini, Brazilian & leg waxing and has also built a mens' client base doing back waxing along with other specialty mens' waxing services. Sierra is our London Calling Salon Esthetician and does all waxing, facials and make–up services.


 Cosmetology Apprenticeships

London Calling Ltd. Accepts Cosmetology Apprenticeships.

An apprentice must be 18 years old or older, sign a two year contract to complete his or her apprenticeship as well as a one year work contract that takes effect after completing the apprenticeship and being licensed.

London Calling Salons' apprenticeship program is designed to encourage 'team work', build cosmetology proficiency, communication skills and hair cutting and hair color artistic abilities.

Apprentices do not pay for the education they receive (Cosmetology school tuition is $10,000 – $17,000) and London Calling does not pay the apprentice either. London Calling Ltd. follows the State of Michigan apprenticeship rules and regulations. (Click here to see the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth Instructions for Apprenticeship Training Programs)
All services our apprentices provide are at a discount – but the results are superior.
Model releases must be signed prior to any services.

Salon Coordinators


There are several reception team members. Most come to London Calling Salon while attending Cosmetology school. This allows them an opportunity to learn first–hand how hairdressers, guests and the salon works – and London Calling Salon gets a reception team that understands a bit about hair etc. and is also interested in our guest experience. Over the years most receptionists that became Licensed Cosmetologists have also become London Calling Salon stylists.
Our current reception team will be attentive to you while making your appointment, when you arrive, as well as after your services are complete and you are scheduling your next appointment. Our receptionist looks forward to speaking to you and also meeting you when you arrive.

Production Coordinators

 "Ernie" David Brostek

London Calling Salon does quite a few HAIR BALL™ shows through out the year in metro Detroit as well as out of state. "Ernie" is the do it all guy, since 1996, that coordinates the HAIR BALL™ shows through logistics, model hunting, last minute repairs or "jerry rigging" on the spot as well as general repairs and maintenance in the salon. Ernie also produced, choreographed and stared in a HAIR BALL™ show and has been a past M.C.

 Matthew Cavanary

The "Man of Action". Matt is the go to guy at HAIR BALL® shows and our model "wrangler" extraordinaire. Without the models being on stage at the right time – the show falls behind. This is the HAIR BALL® equivalent to the cowboy, in that he can move the MODELS where they need to be and keep them in line. Get along – little doggy!